Sunday, February 11, 2018

Sunday Morning Bonus Pulp: Bedtime Stories, February 1937

A Valentine's Day-related pulp cover by H.J. Ward. I don't know much at all about BEDTIME STORIES except that it looks pretty risque for the era and that Robert Leslie Bellem wrote for it, including a story in this issue. The names of the other authors mean absolutely nothing to me.


Todd Mason said...

Did you find this one scanned anywhere?

February 1937 was my mother's birth month...I get sentimental thus...

Todd Mason said...

Bedtime Stories [v5 #4, February 1937] (64pp, cover by H. J. Ward)
Incomplete Data - Issue not found.
Need Contents
Sweetheart Snare · Robert Leslie Bellem · ss
Special Bargain · Atwater Culpepper · ss
The Girl in the Leopard Coat · Ernest Jason · ss
Ex-Girl Friend · Otto Nelson · ss
All at Sea · Malcolm Post · ss

--All the other credited writers seem to have only appeared in Spicy titles and their stablemates. I suspect Ziff-Davis/paperback series level of house naming.

James Reasoner said...

I just used what I found in the FMI. I agree, all those other names sound like house-names. Some of them could even be Bellem. Or all of them.