Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Code of the Legion - David Hardy

French Foreign Legion stories were a staple of the general fiction pulps such as ARGOSY, ADVENTURE, BLUE BOOK, and SHORT STORIES. But as popular as they were during that era, nobody writes them anymore.

Nobody, that is, except David Hardy. And he does a great job of it. CODE OF THE LEGION is a novella about the Legionaires assigned to Post 13, an isolated blockhouse in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, in the early 20th Century. They’re surrounded by hostile Berber tribesmen, the supply train that they’re depending on is ambushed and wiped out, and they’re facing a mysterious threat inside their own ranks. When the enemy lays siege to the outpost and begins to pick off the Legionaires one or two at a time, it begins to look as if none of them will survive.

Hardy does a fine job with the setting and the history, but mainly CODE OF THE LEGION is an adventure yarn that provides plenty of gritty action and genuine suspense, not to mention a thrilling conclusion. I really enjoyed this novella and give it a high recommendation.

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