Saturday, June 18, 2016

Saturday Morning Western Pulp: Western Trails, August 1934

This looks like a fine issue of WESTERN TRAILS! The cover is by Delos Palmer Jr., and inside are a Duke Buckland novella by Frederick C. Davis and a Bert Little novella by Clyde A. Warden. I've read one story in each of these series and liked them quite a bit. There are also stories by Francis P. Verzani (a prolific WESTERN TRAILS author), Richard Sale, and Joe Archibald. I'm sure I would enjoy this one if I had a copy of it. The scan this week comes from David Lee Smith. Thanks, David!


Sean McLachlan said...

Nice cover. Why did cowboy hats in Western art get smaller over time? The ones in the 1920s were huge. They got much smaller by the 1950s.

Jerry House said...

The same thing happened with cowboy hats in films, Sean.