Sunday, November 02, 2014

Sunday Morning Bonus Pulp: Argosy, June 20, 1936

ARGOSY usually had great covers, and here's another one, this time heralding the beginning of a long historical serial by George Challis, who was, of course, Frederick Faust, better known as Max Brand. Much, if not all, of Faust's Western fiction has been reprinted at one time or another, but I wish somebody would reprint more of his historical fiction. What little I've read of it was top-notch. This issue also features another of my favorites, W.C. Tuttle, and a couple of top-of-the-line pulpsters in George F. Worts and Fred MacIsaac.


Morgan Holmes said...

There are about six other swashbuckler novellas and serials by Faust including two pirate novel. There are also another 7 novellas featuring Tizzo set in 16th Century Italy. Those are top notch adventure stories with Faust at his peak. I always thought a uniform reprint series of Faust' swashbucklers was in order.

Fred Blosser said...

I second Morgan. Some of the stories under the Challis name have been reprinted in paperback and are still relatively easy to find, I think. The two books containing the Tizzo stories, THE FIREBRAND and THE BAIT AND THE TRAP, were reprinted by Ace in the early '60s. One of the pirate novels, THE NAKED BLADE, was reprinted by Lancer in 1967. THE SMOKING LAND, a lost-race novel originally serialized in Argosy, came out from Capra in 1980. Unfortunately, THE GOLDEN KNIGHT and the other pirate novel, THE SPLENDID RASCAL, were never paperbacked and are a little pricier on the used-book market. I don't even see THE SMOKING LAND available on Amazon or Abebooks in the Capra reprint.