Monday, November 17, 2014

Now Available from Rough Edges Press: Borderline - Bob Herzberg

Will Landry and Joachim Lang are both outsiders in the Colorado ranching country. Landry is a black federal land agent from Baltimore, Lang a German immigrant who has risen to a position of wealth and power as a ruthless cattle baron. When Lang tries to fence in millions of acres of open range, Landry is sent to stop him—and war explodes between these two stubborn, violent men! 

In BORDERLINE, Bob Herzberg spins an epic tale of the last days of the Old West, a tale of vengeance, greed, lynching, and murder, as old ways clash with new and blood is spilled on the lush prairie. Herzberg writes with vivid power and historical authenticity and creates compelling characters in this action-packed Western novel in the classic mode. 

Bob Herzberg is the author of the Western novels SIDEARM, THE McDERMOTT FIFTY, and QUANTRILL'S GOLD, as well as SHOOTING SCRIPTS: FROM PULP WESTERN TO FILM, HANG 'EM HIGH: LAW AND DISORDER IN WESTERN FILMS AND LITERATURE, and other volumes of non-fiction.


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