Saturday, November 01, 2014

Now Available from Rough Edges Press: Devil in a Cage - W.L. Fieldhouse

Multiple murder, Devil worship, and a missing fortune in mob's just another day in Las Vegas for private investigator John Weller. 

When Weller, a history buff and former homicide detective who has retired from the police force because he lost a leg to a shotgun blast in the line of duty, is hired by the public defender's office, the case he's supposed to look into seems open and shut. A bank robbery gone wrong has resulted in the deaths of two of the plotters and the arrest of the third, a scumbag associated with Lucifer's Chapel, a local group of Satanists. It doesn't take long for Weller to begin to have doubts about the case, which becomes more complicated—and more dangerous—the deeper he delves into it. He'll have to scramble to uncover the truth before it costs him his own life! 

DEVIL IN A CAGE is a classic private eye novel by legendary action/adventure author W.L. Fieldhouse. Brand-new and never before published, it features a compelling protagonist in John Weller, a complex plot, sheer storytelling energy, insightful social commentary, and a vivid portrait of Las Vegas that could only be provided by an insider like Fieldhouse. Rough Edges Press is proud to present this powerful novel of crime and detection.

(This is the first new novel by Bill Fieldhouse in a number of years, and I'm very pleased to publish it as part of the REP line as both an e-book and a trade paperback. I'm also going to be publishing the sequel sometime next year.)

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