Thursday, November 13, 2014

New Post on Ed Gorman's Blog

I have a new post on Ed Gorman's blog today about the writing of my first novel TEXAS WIND. But as usual when I start waxing nostalgic, I go on about some other stuff, too, including the novel I tried to write before TEXAS WIND. Check it out if you get a chance.


Walker Martin said...

Back around 1980 I was making a point of reading every private eye that came along, so I'm sure I read TEXAS WIND. My copy must of bit the dust somewhere along the way because I can't find it.

Maybe someday you could write an article about Sam Merwin. I'm familiar with his time as editor for STARTLING STORIES and THRILLING WONDER, 1945-1951 but someone should write about the Merwin years of MSMM. I'd love to read your comments about him.

James Reasoner said...

Walker, Manor's distribution was so bad by the time TEXAS WIND came out that it's likely you never even saw a copy. It's also possible that it was the last book Manor ever published. I'd sort of like to think that it was.

James Reasoner said...

I wish I still had all the rejections Sam scrawled on torn pieces of paper and sent to me over the two or three years he was at MSMM when I was submitting there. He was the epitome of the crusty but wise old editor.