Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tuesday's Overlooked TV: The Quest

The pilot for this Western series was shown as a TV movie in the spring of 1976, and then it premiered as a regular series the following fall. Unfortunately it didn't last very long, airing only about a dozen episodes before it was cancelled. It had a good cast, with Kurt Russell and Tim Matheson playing brothers searching for their sister, who had been captured by Cheyenne Indians. Russell's character was also a captive for several years. Being Western fans, Livia and I watched all the episodes, and even though I haven't seen any of them since then, I remember it as being a pretty good series. The pilot movie and a two-parter from the series have been released on DVD, but the whole series hasn't. There are a few clips on YouTube, but that's it.

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Bill Crider said...

I remember this one, and I remember liking it, but that's about all.