Saturday, August 17, 2013

Saturday Morning Western Pulp: Lariat Story, March 1949

This looks like a pretty good issue. The cover is okay, if not quite up to the same gaudy, lurid level as some of the other Fiction House pulps. But the line-up of authors is particularly strong with stories by Dan Cushman, D.B. Newton, J. Edward Leithead, and John Jo Carpenter.


Walker Martin said...

Fiction House sure knew all about eye catching covers. So many of their pulps used the damsel in distress theme. And they were really in distress! This poor girl is going to get branded in the face if the hero doesn't arrive in time.

In addition to LARIAT STORY, other titles had great sexy, sort of risqué art: ACTION STORIES, FRONTIER STORIES, JUNGLE STORIES, PLANET STORIES, NORTH WEST STORIES. Mostly in the 1940's.

For those readers that wanted to see guys in shorts, they had FIGHT STORIES.

Morgan Holmes said...

I find the Fiction House western titles the most interesting western pulps in the 40s because you had Dan Cushman and Les Savage, Jr.

Ed Gorman said...

You probably wrote this entire issue in a previous life, James! I had to take four aspirin and lie down when I read you'd hit your three hundreth, I'll bet you had to take a lot more than four. :) CONGRATULATIONS ON SUCH AN ASTONISHING RECORD WHILE MAINTAING SUCH A HIGH LEVEL OF CRAFT AND ARTISTRY!