Saturday, November 24, 2012

Saturday Morning Western Pulp: Ranch Romances, First November Number, 1936

I've read this issue, although it's been quite a few years ago and I don't have a copy anymore. I bought it for J. Edward Leithead's novel "West of the Wagon Tongue", because Leithead is one of my favorite Western pulpsters. This is an excellent yarn, too. But there's plenty of other good reading in it from authors such as Stephen Payne, Lawrence Keating, and Frank C. Robertson. When I first started reading Western pulps I didn't have any interest in RANCH ROMANCES. I learned my lesson, though. There are a lot of great stories in its long run.

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Walker Martin said...

I definitely agree that RANCH ROMANCES has been unjustly forgotten. Despite the title, it was not just another romance or love pulp.

In addition to some good western fiction, it also has the distinction of being just about the last of the pulp titles, lasting until February 1971. It had a long life of 860 issues during the span of 1924-1971.