Sunday, November 25, 2012

Branham's Due - Richard Prosch

Richard Prosch knows Westerns, knows his native Nebraska, and is a fine writer, all of which is evident in BRANHAM'S DUE, his new ebook short story. Deputy Sheriff Whit Branham, armed with a 10-gauge shotgun along with intelligence and experience, is on the trail of a horse thief and killer who is hiding out in Branham's bailiwick of Holt County. Branham tracks down his quarry and arrests him seemingly without much trouble, but that's hardly the end of the story as Prosch still has several very nice twists to spring on the reader.

This is an excellent story, and I really enjoyed reading it. The ebook edition includes of a preview of the next Whit Branham story, a novella called HOLT COUNTY LAW that will be out soon. I'm looking forward to it, and in the meantime if you like a good Western yarn I highly recommend BRANHAM'S DUE.

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