Saturday, November 13, 2021

Saturday Morning Western Pulp: All Western Magazine, December 1936

The Gun-Totin' Redhead, a fixture on the covers of Western pulps from Popular Publications, even shows up on Dell's ALL WESTERN MAGAZINE, as in this cover by Arthur Mitchell. She doesn't appear particularly angry in this one, more like annoyed, but she's still ready to burn some powder and throw some lead. It's a safe bet that plenty of powder gets burned inside this issue, with stories by Tom Roan, Charles M. Martin, Hapsburg Liebe, Sam H. Nickels, Galen C. Colin, house-name Clay Starr (who might well have been Martin, too), and lesser known authors Victor Kaufman and Stanley Hofflund.


Unknown said...

That's a great cover!

I keep looking for original art of this type on Ebay and have yet to see any. It's a shame none appears to have survived. That's a very well composed painting.

James Reasoner said...

Some pulp cover paintings survived, but by this point, they're probably all in the hands of collectors. A few are usually available at the pulp conventions, and one shows up on Heritage Auctions every now and then, but yeah, they're pretty hard to find.

John B said...

It's remarkable and sad so little made it. Given the line art inside and the cover illustrations there had to be many thousands of images. I've been searching for originals from Al Martin Napolitano, an illustrator of "true western" magazines for decades, and have found precisely one for sale (which I don't like!) in the years I've been looking. He likely contributed 500+ images to Frontier Times and True West magazines alone.

There's probably numerous examples of original commercial art like this that goes by on Ebay, but I find it very difficult to search for effectively.

I guess it isn't called "ephemera" for nothing!

I'll keep looking