Saturday, April 08, 2017

Saturday Morning Western Pulp: Ace-High Western Magazine, September 1936

Another excellent Tom Lovell cover featuring an angry, gun-totin' redhead on this issue of ACE-HIGH WESTERN MAGAZINE. And those story titles! "Wagon Train of the Damned". "A Gringo Rides to Hell". I want to read those right now. (If I actually owned this issue, I would.) A great line-up of authors, too: Luke Short, Walt Coburn, Harry F. Olmsted, Cliff Farrell, and John. G. Pearsol. Looks like a great issue all the way around. 


Todd Mason said...

Yeah, that's a hel of a lineup...what happened at ACE- HIGH? Did it remain an impressive title throughout its run?

James Reasoner said...

The quality appears to have stayed at a pretty high level. Many of the big-name authors were gone except for reprints, but Olmsted was contributing new stories until the end, and it was common to find work by Giff Cheshire, William Heuman, Wayne D. Overholser, Joseph Chadwick, L.L. Foreman, Tom Roan, Leslie Ernenwein, and other top Western writers in those late issues.