Sunday, April 23, 2017

Sunday Morning Bonus Pulp: Alibi, March 1934

Walker Martin mentioned this short-lived pulp in the comments on last Sunday's post, so I thought, why not feature the cover he was talking about, another that features a decapitated head? It is indeed a gruesome cover, and none of the authors in this issue are familiar to me except for Franklin H. Martin. The covers of the other issues of ALIBI aren't all that appealing, either. I can see why the magazine didn't last very long. But it's still an interesting oddity.

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Walker Martin said...

As I mentioned in an earlier post I have the original oil painting of this cover and have never had any success in trading it for another cover. Everyone says the same thing about it being too gruesome, etc. But at the Windy City Pulp convention last week, another art dealer asked me about it. Maybe there is hope yet and I'll be able to pass it on for someone else to deal with the complaints.