Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Writing Update, 3/6

I said yesterday that I wasn't hitting on all cylinders, and I was right. I start each day by going over what I did the day before, and I had to do a lot more work than usual on yesterday's pages. But once I took a sledgehammer and a power saw to them, they turned out okay, I think. Today was one of those days when real life kept rearing its ugly head, but I wound up getting 17 pages done. I've been working on this book for exactly a week and have just under a fourth of it done. I'm pretty satisfied with that pace. Although if real life would cooperate for a change and it went a little faster, I'd be just fine with that, too.

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Peter Brandvold said...

Damn, I can,t get past ten pages and that,s without a real life!