Saturday, March 16, 2013

Saturday Morning Western Pulp: Best Western Novels, June 1948

Like TRIPLE WESTERN, this title featured three novellas in each issue. In this issue, the authors are Lee Floren, Giles A. Lutz, and Brett Austin, who was also Lee Floren. I'm not much of a Floren fan, but his early stuff isn't bad and that's a fine, eye-catching cover (Saunders?). I like Lutz's work. He was consistently good. I might well have picked up this issue of BEST WESTERN NOVELS back then if I could afford it.

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Walker Martin said...

This is a great cover by Norman Saunders; so much is going on. I wonder if such a scene ever happened in the entire history of the west? I guess not but it's fun to think that it may have happened.