Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday Morning Bonus Pulp: Giant Detective, Winter 1951

This was the second and final issue of this pulp. It's short life probably wasn't due to a lack of good stories in its pages, though, since the authors in this issue include Bruno Fischer, Edward Ronns, D.L. Champion, and Carroll John Daly. And the cover is by Rudolph Belarski. Pretty good talent all around, but you can never predict how things will go in the publishing business.

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Walker Martin said...

This magazine has a very interesting history. I've kept my set of issues and see that it started off as MYSTERY BOOK MAGAZINE in 1945. For the first 19 issues it was in digest format. Then, strangely enough, it switched to pulp format in 1947. I say "strangely" because it usually was the other way around, pulp to digest, not digest to pulp.

But wait, that's not all. After 32 issues as a digest and then a pulp, it switched names to GIANT DETECTIVE and even continued the volume numbering from MYSTERY BOOK.

So, as James says, GIANT DETECTIVE lasted only 2 issues but hidden behind this title is this bookish history involving MYSTERY BOOK MAGAZINE.