Sunday, March 24, 2013

Music I Like: Twilight Zone - Golden Earring

A couple of people mentioned this song in the comments on last night's post, and I said I hadn't heard it before. Well, actually, I had, I just didn't realize it. I'm really bad about remembering titles and groups and have to look things up quite a bit. But yeah, this is a good song, too. I don't have the same sort of sentimental attachment to it that I do to "Radar Love", but it's well worth listening to.


Michael Bracken said...

I have a "best of" compilation CD by Golden Earring. It opens with "Radar Love" and ends with "Twilight Zone." Sadly, everything between is quite forgettable.

michael said...

I have to strongly disagree with the previous post. Golden Earring have been the nearest thing to a supergroup to come out of the Netherlands ever. They have rruled the rock waves supremely down there for 40 something years. Every single they put out in the seventies and eighties went to the top of the charts and was well worth the money. Just listen to CE SOiR Long Blond Animal, The Devil Made Me Do It, Bombay, Sleepwalking, When the Lady smiles, Back home, etc. their 1977 live album is one of the best live albums on my i-pod. Check them out. They are still going strong!