Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tuesday's Overlooked TV: "Niagara Falls!"

I know I'm probably the only one who finds this funny, but it never fails to crack me up. I love me some Stooges.


pattinase (abbott) said...

Somewhere lives a woman who loves them but I have yet to find her. My brother is their biggest fan.

Bill Crider said...

One of my favorite bits. Abbott & Costello did it, Lucy did it, and others, too. I laugh no matter who does it.

Anonymous said...

I was going to mention I Love Lucy too. You can't go wrong with it.

And no, Patti, I don't know any women who like them.

Jeff M.

Todd Mason said...

Yeah, wonder if this routine predates vaudeville...certainly everyone who wanted to, did their version, in the first half of the previous century. The "Hey Joe" of sketch comedy.

I know a number of women who like the Stooges (and men who like soaps, and and and), but I haven't ever all that much...and even less since childhood, when I realized how much I enjoyed the short wherein Curly, a ghost, haunts and torments the hell out of Moe and some extent Larry. That suggested to me how tired I was of their dynamic.

Charles R. Rutledge said...

My favorite Stooge episode is DISORDER IN THE COURT.

Judge. "Drop the vernacular."

Curly. "It's a doiby!"

Rittster said...

I first saw it in Abbott and Costello's LOST IN A HAREM. W.C. Fields does it, too, in THE MAN ON THE FLYING TRAPEZE.

Rittster said...

I was wrong about Fields; the bit in the movie is similar but not the same.

Walker Martin said...

I've often wondered why women don't like the Stooges. I've come up with a couple reasons:

1--Most women don't like slapstick violence like poking fingers in the eyes or banging someone's head. Guys, on the other hand, find these actions hilarious.

2--Let's face it, most women find the Stooges to be insensitive clods and to put it bluntly, ugly. Women, as a rule, like sensitive men who look manly and not clodish. George Clooney for example.

3--As little boys many men have acted like the Stooges, so they find them funny as grownups, in a sort of nostalgic way. We all wish we could return to our boyhoods and act like the Stooges.

Women, of course, as little girls never wanted to act like the Three Stooges.

Anyone else have a better theory?

Cap'n Bob said...

Just one, Walker: women have no sense of humor. Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk.

Anonymous said...

Women don't laugh at the Three Stooges and men don't cry at "An Affair to Remember."

Todd Mason said...

I never found the bullying that funny. One distinction between the Marxes and the Howards and Fine was that only the villains in the Marx Bros. movies were actually violent, as rude as the Marxes could be when provoked, while, of course, the Stooges were always (particularly Shemp and Moe, or whoever was the dominant one at the time) jackasses to put it kindly, even if they often had even bigger (literally and figuratively) bullies to contend with.

Most of the people I know who liked them probably do have an element of nostalgia about it, but also liked their absurdity. It's indeed a doiby.