Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Black Dog Books Flood Sale

(I know you've heard about this already. So go buy some books!)

From Tom Roberts:

Over the holiday weekend I went into the BDB storage facility—namely the basement of our home—to find standing water. Storms from the hurricane effect.

For anyone that reads, collects or appreciates books, further description is pointless.

The water damaged not only parts of the home, but a portion of BDB stock as well as personal effects and some of the book collection.

While the water has now been removed the cleanup and salvaging goes on while the drying out continues.

In an attempt to aid in the financial recovery from our disaster, the following new releases are now marked down with flood sale prices.


 Bring 'Em Back Dead by George Fielding Eliot
The first three exciting cases of Dan Fowler, G-Man. With an introduction by Matt Hilton.
Trade paperback/290 pages. Published at $29.95. Now $20.95!

In the Name of Honor by Albert Payson Terhune
A Civil War-set historical drama of a wrongly accused man attempting to clear his name and regain the hand of the women he loves.
Trade paperback/289 pages. Published at $16.95. Now $11.95!

The Rajah From Hell by H. Bedford-Jones
A Hindu prince seeks retribution for an ancient offense. Now four men have been marked for murder! Does the prince carry out his threat? Or can his revenge be thwarted? With an introduction by James Reasoner.
Trade paperback/100 pages. Published at $10.00. Now $7.00!

Dusty Ayres—Invasion of the Black Lightning by Robert Sidney Bowen
An evil foreign powers threatens the safely of the United States. Can Dusty rally the troops in time to stop their advance?
For the first time, the initial three novel-length adventures of Dusty Ayres are brought together in one unparalleled volume.
Trade paperback / 266 pages. Published at $24.95. Now $17.50!

Additional backlist titles will be marked down with flood sale prices later this week. Shop early and often to take advantage of the savings.

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Tom Roberts said...

Thanks, James!

Just to clarify a point . . .

There are no water damaged items being offered for sale.

All books are as new from the printer.

Tom Roberts
Black Dog Books