Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Now Available: City of Heretics - Heath Lowrance

City of Heretics is a crime novel about an aging con named Crowe, just out of prison and back in Memphis, ready for some payback against the criminals who got him sent up.

Before Crowe can enjoy his revenge he has to track down a brutal murderer cutting a swath through the city—ultimately leading Crowe to confront a bizarre secret society of serial killers masquerading as a Christian splinter-group.

In his second novel CITY OF HERETICS, Heath Lowrance spins as fine a hardboiled crime yarn as I've read in a long time. With a complex plot and compelling characters, it's as gritty as the sleet that falls on the streets of Memphis in the winter, and just as slick and dangerous. Lowrance's debut novel THE BASTARD HAND is already a cult classic, and CITY OF HERETICS is even better.

(Yes, I'm getting blog mileage out of the blurb I gave Heath for this book. CITY OF HERETICS is really, really good, though, and if you like hardboiled fiction you need to read it. I think it'll be a strong contender for my best of the year list in a few months.)

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