Sunday, January 22, 2012

Bob's Birthday

Today marks the 106th anniversary of Robert E. Howard's birth in Peaster, Texas, about twenty miles as the crow flies from where I'm sitting. If you'd like to celebrate, the accepted procedure is to read one of your favorite REH stories and raise a glass of your favorite drink to the Greatest Pulp Writer in the Whole Wide World.  That's what I plan to be doing this evening.


Charles Gramlich said...

Me too. I'm going shopping today so I'll get some beer, and I'm going to re read some Sowers of the Thunder.

Prashant C. Trikannad said...

I didn't know it was Robert E. Howard's 106th birth anniversary today. That's nice because I'm currently reading BRECKINRIDGE ELKINS online with A GENT FROM BEAR CREEK and MOUNTAIN MAN next in line.

Keith said...

I'll go with some of the spicies and poetry with a good wine.