Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Tuesday's Overlooked Movies: Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein

Maybe because last night was Halloween, I started thinking about this movie. Not only was it the first Abbott and Costello movie I ever saw (at least that I remember), it may well have been the first horror movie I ever saw. Because despite being very funny, it's definitely a horror movie, too, with some really creepy moments. When I was growing up, it ran frequently on the local TV stations, and I watched it every time it was on. So did my friends, and we'd talk about it at school the next day. There was a time in my life I knew most of the bits by heart. It turned me into a fan of Bela Lugosi and Lon Chaney Jr., too. It was only later than I found out the Frankenstein Monster was played by Glenn Strange, who I knew then as Sam the bartender on GUNSMOKE and Butch Cavendish in the three-part origin episode of THE LONE RANGER.

I don't own a copy of ABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN, so I didn't watch it again last night, but I did watch the trailer and several clips on YouTube. And it's still great fun. I don't know that it's my favorite A&C movie (I'm awfully fond of BUCK PRIVATES, too), but it's right up there.


Paul D Brazill said...

It was my favorite film as a kid. Love it!

pattinase (abbott) said...

Their best movie IMHO. Great fun.

Unknown said...

My favorite A&C movie. Saw it in the theater as a kid and it scared me silly.

August West said...

A Classic that contains scores of great lines. One of by favorites from the film:

(Lon Chaney Jr.) Larry Talbot: You don't understand. Every night when the moon is full, I turn into a wolf.

(Lou Costello) Wilbur: You and twenty million other guys.

wayne d. dundee said...

Love this movie! Far and away my favorite A&C. And you're absolutely right, James --- it was hilarious in places yet downright scary in others.
A&C were masters of zingy dialogue, of course, (most famous being their classic "Who's On First?") and this movie had some terrific exchanges.
My favorite: When Costello is trying to convince Abbott that some of the crates they are delivering actually contain some real live monsters, he points to Dracula's coffin and says, "You know that person you said there's no such person? I think he's in there --- in person."

Dan_Luft said...

When I was a kid we got channel 11 out of New York and that channel used to show an A&C movie every Sunday morning. When "A&C Meet Frankenstein" came on it was a reason to stay home from church.

Yvette said...

This and HOLD THAT GHOST are my favorite Abbott and Costello movies. You can watch it on Netflix Streaming, by the way.

"But you and I have a date with destiny!"

"Let Bud take Destiny, I'll take Sandra."

...or words to that effect. :)

Richard Heft said...

Abbott: You're making enough noise to wake up the dead!
Costello (pointing to coffin: I don't have to wake him up. He's UP!

Rittster said...

When I was teaching elementary school (2nd and 3rd grade), I'd show this to the kids on Halloween and they loved it!

Here are some A&C bloopers:


Rittster said...

P.S. Warning:

If you don't want to hear Costello swear a blue streak, you might want to pass on the YouTube blooper clips.

Creature said...

Hello Everyone:
Ah, this movie is so special, and significant, in many ways. It was kind of a swan song for the Classic Monsters as it was the last time they were seen with their classic looks. People had lost their early fear of these creatures and Universal answered the final call swith this brilliant movie. As has been said already, along with the comedy, there are some creepy moments as well. I think the thing that made this movie so great was that though Bud and Lou kept the gags rolling with flawless timing, the monsters played their roles straight. The combination made this movie a joy to watch over, and over, and over...
It easily ranks among my favorite films and certainly my second favorite Bud and Lou movie behind "Hold That Ghost" which has already been mentioned. That movie was very well also.
Have a Great Day!!!
The "Creature"