Thursday, September 01, 2011

The Ultimates, Volume 2: Homeland Security - Mark Millar

Okay, after giving THE ULTIMATES, VOLUME 1: SUPER-HUMAN a mixed review last week, I have to say that I enjoyed the second volume in the series, HOMELAND SECURITY, considerably more. Maybe it's just that I was more used to the characters by the time I read it and was able to appreciate it on its own merits as a story rather than an alternative take on the characters and continuity I grew up on.

In this arc, the Ultimates wind up taking on an invasion of alien shapeshifters. Could we be talking about the Skrulls, even though they're not called that? Well, maybe. There's a ton of action, rendered in fine fashion by Bryan Hitch, and while I'm still not sure about Mark Millar's characterizations, I have to admit that he does a good job with Captain America, including one great line that made me laugh out loud. I still prefer the original versions, but I may have to read some of the other collections featuring the Ultimates.

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