Saturday, September 10, 2011

One More Reason I Love the Internet: Stan Lynde Edition

Stan Lynde has a blog.

For those of you not familiar with the name, Stan Lynde was the creator, author, and artist of the long-running Western comic strip RICK O'SHAY. Despite the humorous name, the strip mixed comedy and traditional Western action in a blend that was very appealing to me when I was growing up. His benevolent (but still very deadly) gunfighter character Hipshot Percussion is one of the iconic comic strip characters as far as I'm concerned, and I always loved the Easter Sunday strips in which Hipshot was featured.

After Lynde was forced out of his own strip by the syndicate that owned it, he went on to create another Western adventure strip, LATIGO, which spawned a series of four tie-in novels by Dean Owen. I read and enjoyed LATIGO, even if it never rose to the heights of RICK O'SHAY for me. In the last twenty years Lynde has turned to writing Western novels, in addition to a memoir. I've never gotten around to reading them, but I think I'm going to have to remedy that.


Keith said...

I read that strip when I was in grade school in the Sunday funnies. I don't remember much about it. I think I'm going to check out the blog. Thanks, James.

Charles Gramlich said...

I've heard of Latigo. Don't remember reading it. I'll have to do some resaerch.

Penelopecat said...

I read the first of his novels when Leisure reprinted it a year or two ago in a mass market edition. Definitely worth your time. I'd like to get around to reading the rest eventually.

Richard Prosch said...

Stan is an all around pro --a terrific writer! I'm so glad to see his blog. He's on Twitter and FB as well!