Saturday, May 07, 2011

Saturday Morning Western Pulp: New Western, March 1941

This is another "cowboy, old-timer, and gun-totin' girl" cover with a nice sense of action to it.  The lead novel is by L.P. Holmes, a well-regarded Western author whose work I haven't read yet.  One of too many I just haven't gotten around to.  Other authors in the issue include the always-reliable Norman A. Fox and Jim Kjelgaard, whose juvenile novels about dogs were a staple of my reading when I was a kid.  His story in this issue has a great title:  "Bear Tracks to Hell!"  Now, who wouldn't want to read that?  I certainly would.


Walker Martin said...

Great action cover, though it might be a good idea for the three of them to spread out a little; otherwise one volley of gunfire might kill them all.

Popular Publications sure had the craziest story titles and blurbs.

George said...

Like you, I was a huge reader of Jim Kjelgaard books. My favorite was BIG RED. Living in wintry Western New York demands you have a snow blower. When I bought my big red Toro, I named it "Big Red." It's given me over 20 years of faithful service!

Richard Heft said...

NIGHT MARSHAL by L.P. Holmes is a terrific short western novel.