Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Adventures of Dodge Dalton at the Outpost of Fate - Sean Ellis

Last year’s THE ADVENTURES OF DODGE DALTON IN THE SHADOW OF FALCON’S WINGS was one of the best entries in the pulp-inspired adventure novel genre in recent years. Now Sean Ellis has brought back author-turned-hero Dodge Dalton and his sidekicks Brian “Hurricane” Hurley, Father Nathan Hobbs (aka The Padre), and beautiful Molly Rose Shannon for another thrill-ride of a novel.

The story in this one ties into the repository of ancient and otherworldly technology that the characters discovered in the previous novel, a hidden stronghold they’ve dubbed the Outpost of Fate. Naturally, when there’s something that powerful, assorted villains will be after it. Ellis throws a lot into this globe-trotting adventure: cultists, Nazis, zombies, the Bermuda Triangle, a beautiful blond thief, some Lovecraftian horrors, and, oh, yeah, the possible end of the world.

It’s every bit as much fun as it sounds. Ellis’s heroes are flawed but admirable, his bad guys are suitably despicable, the settings are exotic, and he never lets the pace slow down for very long. There’s the same sort of Doc Savage influence here that you can find in the work of James Rollins, and if you read authors such as Rollins and Clive Cussler and haven’t read anything by Sean Ellis yet, you should give his books a try. They’re very entertaining.

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Mel Odom said...

Looks interesting. Picked one up. Thanks!