Monday, June 12, 2006

Underworld: Evolution

To be honest, I'm not much of a fan of gory horror movies, and Livia likes them even less than I do. But a while back we watched UNDERWORLD and thought it was pretty good, so tonight we gave the second one in the series a look.

This is a pretty hard-to-follow movie, even for somebody who's seen the first one. Eventually the plot got itself all sorted out, I think. There are some nice scenes, but all too often the movie falls prey to the problems that often plague sequels -- the film makers take everything that worked about the first film and raise it to even higher levels, so in this one we get more creatures, more fights, more blood, more badly-edited action scenes, and the result is a movie that comes close to being too over-the-top. Overall, though, I think it stops just short of being too much and still works as a decent film.

Anyway, we all know the storyline isn't as important as the sight of Two-Gun Kate Beckinsale running around dressed like Emma Peel, shootin' monsters.

I think they're making a third movie in this series -- this ending of this one is a pretty blatant set-up for another sequel -- and I expect that when it comes out, I'll watch it.


Carl V. Anderson said...

Talk about an odd coincidence, I just watched that myself this evening. I had seen it at the theatre and, being a fan of the first...and of Kate Beckinsale in leather quite honestly...I bought this one the day it came out. I've heard others say that they thought some of it was hard to follow but I don't see it myself, but that's just me. The first part is basically just a rehash of the first movie with some backstory thrown in. I liked the bigger and better but I hope they work hard for a decent story for the third one so it doesn't end up being a disappointment like some 3rd acts are.

Charles Gramlich said...

Kate Beckinsale and Emma Peel. I'm intrigued.