Thursday, June 29, 2006

Michelle Monaghan

One of the folks who commented below points out that in yesterday's post I failed to mention Michelle Monaghan in my remarks about KISS KISS BANG BANG. I agree, this is a serious oversight, so in order to make up for it I thought I'd post this picture of her from the movie. A lot of shots in this film are like McGinnis covers come to life, including this one.


Carl V. Anderson said...

Wow, the McGinnis comments make me want to bump it to the top of my Netflix list. I enjoyed Michele in her role in MI:3 and if your pic is any indication I will enjoy her in this as well.

Flip Dixon said...

Thanks for the cheesecake Mr. Reasoner. I used to think that Bill Crider was the dirtiest old blogger on the internet, but it's nice to know he has some competition.

Charles Gramlich said...

Merry Christmas