Thursday, June 22, 2006

MSMM December 1978

This is the rather gory cover of the MIKE SHAYNE MYSTERY MAGAZINE issue that featured my first Shayne story, "Death in Xanadu". As you can see, also featured in that issue was a story by "J.R." Lansdale. Inside the issue he's billed more correctly as Joe R. Lansdale. "Long Gone Forever" is one of his stories about private eye Ray Slater. I read and enjoyed all those stories as they came out and didn't even know Joe yet. It would be another couple of years before we began trading letters. Also in this issue, although not mentioned on the cover, is a story by none other than Lawrence Block, "The Ehrengraf Appointment". Pretty good deal for a buck, if you ask me.

We were on vacation when this issue came out, and I remember quite well going into an old, wooden-floored newsstand in Corpus Christi, Texas, and seeing a stack of copies sitting on the shelf. I bought all of them, four or five total, I think. It was a mighty proud day for me.


Anonymous said...

Cool looking cover, too. Contents look wonderful. This is one I will look out for. I have some but no where near all of your Mike Shayne's as well as some but not all the Lansdale and Shiner issues.

Charles Gramlich said...

Scott Cupp? That name sounds very familiar. Weren't you in an anthology called "Razored Saddles?" If so, I think I actually met you in New Orleans many years ago at SF con. That's where I met Sid Williams and Robert Pettitt as well.

Carl V. Anderson said...

I'm sure you were proud, it has to be awesome to see your work in print and out for others to purchase and enjoy.