Friday, October 21, 2005


Last night somebody decided it would be fun to knock our mailbox over, so this morning was spent repairing it and putting up a new post for it. While Livia did most of the work, I did help dig a post hole, one of my least favorite jobs. But we got the box back up before the mail ran, which means we didn't miss any junk mail or bills.

On a more pleasant note, one of my editors e-mailed today and asked me to write a book that I wasn't expecting to write. I agreed, of course -- the only question was whether or not I could meet the deadline -- and have started working on the plot. Should be fun, but then, I enjoy most of the things I write. I'm easily entertained.


Unknown said...

No editors ever e-mail me and ask me to write a book. Sigh.

Cap'n Bob said...

What the--I posted a comment this morning. I guess it wasn't cogent enough for The Blog Gods.

Anyway, we've had mailbox vandals in our rural areas out here. They like to drive along and smash the boxes with a baseball bat. Some homeowners retailiate by making their stands out of cement or welded anchor chain, and surrounding the box with iron or concrete. I saw one mailbox that was an old auto transmission.