Saturday, October 08, 2005

More Bill Napier; Thriller Writers

A while back I read and commented about Bill Napier's novel SPLINTERED ICON, which I assumed was a debut novel. One of the readers of this blog informs me, though, that while SPLINTERED ICON is the first of Napier's novels published in the United States, he's written at least three previous thrillers that were published in England: NEMESIS, REVELATION, and THE LURE. I looked these up on Amazon UK, and they sound interesting. If the American edition of SPLINTERED ICON is successful, maybe his other books will be reprinted over here as well.

One thing I noticed was that the usual Amazon "Customers who bought this book also bought . . . " list included books by James Rollins and Jack Du Brul. I've bought books by both of those authors recently but have never read anything by either of them. I'm wondering if I need to move them up in the pile of books to be read or leave them where they are.


Cap'n Bob said...

Bill Napier? Something about the name really appeals to me. You can almost sense the guy's a major talent before reading his books.

James Reasoner said...

The same thought occurred to me.