Thursday, October 06, 2005

Trail of the Renegade/James J. Griffin

TRAIL OF THE RENEGADE is the third novel by James J. Griffin about Texas Ranger Jim Blawcyzk, following on the heels of TROUBLE RIDES THE TEXAS PACIFIC and BORDER RAIDERS. The series started out good and has gotten better as it goes along, so it's no surprise that TRAIL OF THE RENEGADE is the best Blawcyzk novel so far.

The story finds Blawcyzk and several of his fellow Rangers sent to north central Texas to round up a gang of outlaws that has been slipping across the Red River from Indian Territory. The gang is led by the infamous Ned Scanlon, an owlhoot whom Blawcyzk is especially anxious to corral. The result is a well-written, action-packed traditional Western novel, but best of all, a lengthy flashback provides some back-story for Blawcyzk, whose history has been something of an empty slate until now. There's also a very poignant ending that features some of Griffin's best writing so far.

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Thanks for the kind words about TRAIL OF THE RENEGADE, James. They are greatly appreciated.