Friday, July 05, 2019

Forgotten Books: The Ranger Way - Eugene Cunningham

Eugene Cunningham's books are always worth reading, and THE RANGER WAY is no exception. You can see the plot in the back cover copy above, and the style is Cunningham's usual distinctive, hardboiled prose. However, THE RANGER WAY is a little on the mild side for a Cunningham novel. I believe there are only ten deaths in the entire book, and nine of those take place in the second half, two of them off-screen. Cunningham is notorious for the amount of powder burned and blood spilled in his yarns, so if you've never read his work, this one might not be the best place to start. But if you're already a Cunningham fan, it's quite enjoyable, if not in the top rank of his books.

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Renaissance Women said...

Now I need to hunt this one out. You have me intrigued. Doris