Sunday, June 16, 2019

Sunday Morning Bonus Pulp: Action Stories, January 1927

ACTION STORIES published a lot of Westerns, and the covers reflected that, especially from about 1930 on. But it also published all the other genres of adventure fiction and that can be seen on some of the early covers such as this one by H.C. Murphy. The stories in the January 1927 issue include the cover-featured Alaskan yarn by Chart Pitt, an author I'd managed never to hear of until now, despite the fact that he had a 30-year career in the pulps, plus a jungle tale by Frederick Nebel, a historical by A. deHerries Smith, and nautical adventures by Albert Richard Wetjen and Bob Du Soe. That's a pretty good mix of exciting stories.


Anonymous said...

Now I'm trying to think of authors/stories that might appear in a competing pulp (published by some literary society, presumably) called INACTION STORIES. (I suppose it could lead off with an excerpt from Proust.)

Denny Lien

James Reasoner said...

And I'm trying to think of what the covers would look like!