Sunday, June 23, 2019

Sunday Morning Bonus Pulp: 10-Story Detective Magazine, May 1943

I love the way this cover by Jerome Rozen jumps out at you, as well as the way the guy is carrying the skull like a football and stiff-arming the other guy. That's a pose right off one of the sports pulps, but I don't remember ever seeing any of those that involve skulls. Inside this issue of 10-STORY DETECTIVE MAGAZINE are stories by some fine pulpsters including W.T. Ballard, Norman A. Daniels (once as himself and once as by David M. Norman), Joe Archibald, and Lee E. Wells. With that cover and those authors, I'd read that one.


Sheila Vanderbeek said...

to James Reasoner: you give in your looks at Pulp magazines the real name behind a house name and/or alias. Was just curious when you have found this information, it is so fascinating and very important information as well.

James Reasoner said...

A lot of the author information comes from the Fictionmags Index (, some comes from various fanzine articles I've read over the past 40 years, and some of it comes from just reading enough of the stuff that I can recognize the styles of various authors. That last is probably the least dependable, but I think I get it right most of the time. The original sources of a lot of this sort of info are copyright records, payment records from literary agencies (August Lenniger represented many of the pulp Western authors, for example, and the records from his agency identify the actual authors behind many house-name stories), and other documentation that the fanzine writers were able to dig out. I tip my hat to them, because they did a wonderful job of coming up with all of this in those pre-Internet years. In most of what I'm doing, I'm just standing on their shoulders.