Saturday, January 13, 2018

Saturday Morning Western Pulp: Thrilling Ranch Stories, July 1935

THRILLING RANCH STORIES always had action-packed covers. It was meant as a competitor to RANCH ROMANCES, but other than the presence of a woman on the covers (usually ridin' or shootin' right alongside the stalwart cowboy hero), it looks more like a regular Western pulp with the emphasis on adventure. I particularly like this cover, but I don't know who the artist is. Inside this issue are stories by some top Western pulpsters: Eugene Cunningham, Leslie Scott writing as A. Leslie, Lee Bond, Stephen Payne, George M. Johnson, and a couple of house-names, Jackson Cole and Sam Brant. There's also a story by a female author, Zaida Packard, but it seems to have been her only Western pulp yarn.


Anonymous said...

I hadn't realized that Lee Bond went back as far as 1935. That guy really got around. And he's all over the sports pulps too.

Curt Phillips

James Reasoner said...

The first Lee Bond story in the FMI is from December 1930. Once he started, there are stories by him almost every month, sometimes multiple stories, including house-name yarns in WILD WEST WEEKLY. Good, prolific writer.

Paul Becton said...

The artist on this cover was Robert G. Harris