Sunday, July 24, 2016

Sunday Morning Bonus Pulp: New Detective, July 1949

Not a bad cover on this issue of NEW DETECTIVE, but look at that line-up of writers inside: John D. MacDonald, Day Keene, Fredric Brown, William Campbell Gault, J.L. Bouma, and Joel Townsley Rogers. Those are some heavyweight pulpsters who also had successful careers as hardback and paperback novelists.

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Walker Martin said...

I'm just back from the Pulpfest convention in Columbus, Ohio. I'll send a link to my convention report to James' WesternPulp group when I complete it in a couple days.

But I wanted to comment on this NEW DETECTIVE cover. Many years ago Desoto decided to sell some of his cover paintings and I almost bought this one. I wished I had because it's an excellent eye catching painting.