Thursday, July 07, 2016

Now Available: Gun Lust: Comanchero Kill - W.L. Fieldhouse

Ruthless Comancheros had stolen seven Gatling guns from the Army and taken them back to their hideout in Mexico. Unable to cross the border to retrieve the weapons without causing an international incident, the military turns to the deadliest pair of bounty hunters in the West—Shaddrock and Cougar! For enough money, the Yankee sharpshooter and the former Confederate officer will risk their lives to bring back the Gatling guns and deal out hot-lead justice to the Comancheros...but if they fail, not only will it cost them their own lives, but the entire Southwest will soon be awash with blood! 

COMANCHERO KILL is another gritty, fast-paced Western novel from legendary adventure author W.L. Fieldhouse, full of suspense, humor, colorful characters, and unsurpassed action scenes that will leave you breathless. Read COMANCHERO KILL and see why W.L. Fieldhouse has inspired an entire generation of writers!


Stephen Mertz said...

No one writes 'em like Fieldhouse. Great to see him back in action!

Peter Brandvold said...

No one writes 'em like those old men's adventure writers like Mertz and Fieldhouse. I'll go over and get my copy right away. I love the smell of fresh virtual ink!