Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Level 7: Danger Close - Nathan E. Meyer

If you’re looking for an action-packed alien invasion yarn with likable protagonists and plenty of despicable villains, both alien and human, you won’t go wrong with LEVEL 7: DANGER CLOSE, a novelette by award-winning action/adventure author Nathan E. Meyer. This serves as a companion piece to Meyer’s forthcoming Level 7 novel THE JUDAS PROTOCOL. Both are based on a science fiction/horror game published by Privateer Press, the company that does the Iron Kingdoms game.

The Level 7 universe centers around a sinister pact between the U.S. government and a race of aliens known as the Ghin who have been on Earth secretly for decades. In DANGER CLOSE, another race of aliens hostile to the Ghin arrives and attacks a New Mexico town close to an abandoned Ghin base. Most of the story involves the grunts sent to battle these new aliens, as good military SF should.

And this is very good military SF indeed. Great action scenes abound, but Meyer doesn’t neglect the characters, either, although at this length there’s a limit to how much he can explore them. It’s all very entertaining and inventive, and I’m looking forward to reading the full-length novel based in this setting. Recommended.

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Richard Robinson said...

Sounded good until the word "horror" came up. That's where it lost me.