Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Available for Pre-Order: Gun Devils of the Rio Grande (Outlaw Ranger #5)

A band of killers swoops down on a Mexican village, slaughtering the men and carrying off the women as prisoners. In Texas, a train is held up, American soldiers are murdered, and a valuable shipment of rifles is stolen. G.W. Braddock knows there’s a connection between these two bloody incidents, but to discover the truth and keep the border country from erupting in chaos and violence, he’ll have to risk his life more than once in a maze of double-crosses and danger! 

New York Times best-selling author James Reasoner returns with another action-packed, fast-paced tale of the Outlaw Ranger. Stripped of his authority by corrupt politicians, G.W. Braddock still carries the badge of a Texas Ranger—with a bullet hole in the center to show that he’ll go wherever he has to and do whatever it takes to bring justice to the Lone Star State!

(I think this is a pretty darned good book, he said modestly. With another fine cover from Livia. You can pre-order the e-book edition now. There'll be a print edition available around the same time as the e-book, and it will include as a bonus novella OUTLAW RANGER #4: THE LAST WAR CHIEF, which was too short for a print edition of its own. So it'll be a real nice trade paperback for around ten bucks. I really appreciate all the support this series has gotten. It's been a lot of fun to write. There'll be more of them in the future.)


Anonymous said...

What a fine title. Could have been the lead story in an old issue of Lariat.
Keep 'em coming, James.


James Reasoner said...

Fiction House and Popular Publications are definitely my inspirations when it comes to titles.