Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Now Available: The Mad Man of the Mountains - James J. Griffin

Again and again, bodies are discovered near the summits of some of New Hampshire's most picturesque mountains, brutally murdered by an ingenious serial killer who moves around this scenic wilderness like a deadly phantom. With few if any clues to go on, state police detective Paul Talbot sets out to track down this vicious killer before more innocent people die at the hands of a lunatic! 

Acclaimed, bestselling historical novelist James J. Griffin makes a stunning debut as an author of contemporary thrillers with THE MAD MAN OF THE MOUNTAINS. Fast-paced, populated with compelling, intriguing characters, and filled with fascinating police procedure and breathtaking suspense, THE MAD MAN OF THE MOUNTAINS is great reading! 

James J. Griffin has had four passions for most of his life: Horses, the United States West, the Texas Rangers, and New Hampshire. He has penned several series of Texas Ranger novels and stories. THE MAD MAN OF THE MOUNTAINS is his first Detective Paul Talbot novel. 

Griffin has spent many happy hours riding his horse through the forests and fields, and exploring the White Mountains. Some of his fondest memories are swimming in the Saco River at First and Second Irons in Bartlett, and trips to the summit of Mount Washington in all kinds of weather, from nice to horrendous. He has spent overnights on the summit, and made a wintertime trip to the top in the Observatory Sno-cat, in howling winds and near-blinding snow. He is a lifelong member of the Mount Washington Observatory, and contributed to the building fund for the Sherman Adams Building. 

A native New Englander, Jim is a member of Western Fictioneers and the Western Writers of America. He now makes his home in Keene, New Hampshire.

(Those of you who are fans of Jim Griffin's Western fiction need to check out this fine thriller from him, the first of what I'm sure will be many excellent suspense novels. I'm proud to publish it as part of the Rough Edges Press line. Right now it's available only as an e-book, but the print edition will be published soon.)

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