Monday, June 01, 2015

Now Available: Crazy Greta - David Hardy

The Netherlands in the 16th Century is wracked by civil and religious strife, but all Greta wants is to be left alone to run her tavern. The most dire prophecies of doom come true when the dead rise from their graves and set out on an apocalyptic campaign of terror, slaughtering everything in their path. Cast down into Hell still alive, with unlikely allies such as Christopher Marlowe and the Archangel Michael, armed with a sword and her trusty skillet, Greta sets out to do battle with hordes of demons, imps, and ultimately Satan himself. No one but Greta would be crazy enough to try to conquer Hell! 

Inspired by the paintings of Brueghel and Bosch, this historical horror/fantasy novel by acclaimed author David Hardy is full of vivid imagery, compelling characters, and a towering, unstoppable protagonist in Crazy Greta. This is an unforgettable novel about the never-ending battle between Heaven and Hell and the depraved depths and heroic heights of humanity. 

David Hardy is the author of the novel PALMETTO EMPIRE and BROTHERS BY THE GUN AND OTHER TALES OF SAMARIA, KANSAS, as well as many other works of historical fiction. He lives in Austin, Texas.

(I'm very pleased to be able to help bring Dave Hardy's first novel back into print. Check it out!)

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