Friday, February 13, 2015

Free For a Limited Time: Olive U - David L. Johnston

An aging Baptist preacher in small-town Kansas. The members of a band who play contemporary Christian music in Los Angeles. Beyond their love for the Lord Jesus and His people, they have only their struggles with failure and success in common—until tragedy brings them together on Christmas Eve. 

When Paul Knight joins the members of Olive U, the group instantly jumps from local cover band to sought-after opener at concerts across the nation. The problem is Paul may not know the Lord as well as he claims. 

After a tornado of historic proportions rips through Kansas, an elderly Baptist preacher, Ron Best, faces challenges to his doctrinal beliefs and failure after failure in his ministry. But the Holy Spirit keeps pushing him forward. 

Olive U is the story of how God brings these men together for Christmas Eve on the wind-swept Kansas Plains.

(This inspirational novel is free right now on Kindle and could use some reviews. David Johnston is Livia's cousin and a fine storyteller. I edited the manuscript of this book and really enjoyed it.)


Tom Johnson said...

I'll review it, James. I have about four books on hand to review, but as soon as I get through them, I'll review this one. I'll pick it today.

Charles Gramlich said...

I got it too and actually started reading it last night. I'm reading three other books as well so it might be a bit before I get through it. I like it so far.

Adventuresfantastic said...

As a Baptist myself, this sounds intriguing. Downloaded and in the queue.