Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday Morning Bonus Pulp: Startling Stories, May 1947

Earle Bergey's covers were controversial among science fiction fans even when they were first being published, let alone in this more politically correct age. I like 'em, though, but I've never taken science fiction as seriously as some do. With stories by Henry Kuttner, Robert A. Heinlein, Manly Wade Wellman, and John Russell Fearn, this issue looks like a lot of fun.


Walker Martin said...

I like Bergey alot also. STARTLING STORIES is one of the great pulps especially starting when Sam Merwin took over as editor in 1946. He got rid of the childish Sgt Saturn nonsense and starting printing some quality SF. Sam Mines continued the good work when Merwin left around 1951.

It's still possible to get the 99 issues for reasonable amounts. I've even seen two complete sets for sale recently. It seems everyone saved STARTLING, maybe because of the Bergey covers!

Rick said...

I just went to ebay to see how much would be a reasonable price for the full 99 issues. The price requested is $3,000.00. I'm not a collector so that may be reasonable, I don't know.
Was such a price what you meant?

Walker Martin said...

Actually you can get issues for less. $3,000 is a rather stiff price. That's about $30 each. I've seen individual issues for around $10 each at Windy City and Pulpfest conventions.

Dealer Mike Chomko recently said his complete set was for sale. I don't know what he wanted or if it's still available. But STARTLING is fairly easy to find.