Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunday Morning Bonus Pulp: Argosy, May 11, 1935

Now there's a striking cover for you! ARGOSY could always be counted on for good covers, but they were usually more realistic, rather than symbolic like this one. It certainly is eye-catching, though. Inside, in addition to the novel by the always dependable Eustace L. Adams, were serial installments by George F. Worts (about his lawyer-detective Gillian Hazeltine) and the great Theodore Roscoe, and another novel by Richard Wormser. Folks back in 1935 got their dime's worth from this one.

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Walker Martin said...

A dime really could buy alot in 1935. According to the inflation calculator 10 cents in 1935 would be worth almost $1.70 in today's money.

But there is no way a publisher could produce a magazine like ARGOSY for $1.70 today. Frankly, I don't think it could even be done for $10.00. The digest SF and crime magazines have a cover price of $4.99 but the pulp size held alot more fiction and was bigger.

Back in the thirties you could make a living selling magazines for a dime. Today, it would be impossible. The only solution is to attend PulpFest this July 25 and buy old back issues of ARGOSY, many of them will be priced at $10 or lower.

Better than a time machine!