Sunday, June 16, 2013

Now Available: The Man in the Moon: A Markham, P.I. Novella - James Reasoner


Back in the prehistoric days of my career, I wrote several stories about a private detective named Markham. "The Man in the Moon" is a 10,000 word novella that appeared in the April 1980 issue of MIKE SHAYNE MYSTERY MAGAZINE, and it's been out of print ever since. The Kindle version of it has just gone live on Amazon, appropriately enough for Father's Day since two fathers figure prominently in the plot. A Nook version is in the works as well. If you've read and enjoyed my Cody stories, you should like the Markham yarns as well. The other stories in the series will be available in the relatively near future.


Chap O'Keefe said...

I used to come across MSMM regularly during the 1970s and still have a half-dozen copies, but nothing as late as 1980. By that time the magazine must have been a rare sight here, if indeed it got so far. Now, thanks to today's technology, I can make belated acquaintance with Markham. Off to buy right away!

Anonymous said...

OK, I'm getting this one too. The Shaynes I had (may still have one or two) didn't have any of yours.

Jeff M.