Saturday, June 22, 2013

Saturday Morning Western Pulp: Action-Packed Western, December 1939

When I first saw this action-packed cover on ACTION-PACKED WESTERN, I thought it might be by Norman Saunders. It's not listed on the Saunders website, though, so I guess someone else did it, but I have no idea who. I like it anyway.

This issue has only four stories in it, all by authors I've never read (and mostly never heard of): Cliff Campbell, Vernon James, Ted Fox, and Clem Barton.

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Walker Martin said...

Action-Packed Western. A great title for a magazine but it was not really that successful. It last a couple years in 1938-1939 and then was revived in 1954 for a few years with a different publisher.

I'm always amazed at the numerous western titles during 1920-1955 and now here we are with zero western magazines. It really was the "the good old days".