Saturday, June 08, 2013

Saturday Morning Western Pulp: Popular Western, October 1937

Yet another stalwart hero/angry, gun-totin' redhead/old geezer cover. I never realized this was such a popular trio until I started posting covers in this series. Looks like a good issue, with stories by T.W. Ford, Tom Gunn (Syl McDowell) with one of his Painted Post stories, Anthony Rud, Larry A. Harris, Gunnison Steele (Bennie Gardner) and John Cameron Gardner (I wonder he was really Bennie Gardner, too).


Walker Martin said...

POPULAR WESTERN must have gotten the idea for this cover from DIME WESTERN. Walter Baumhofer had many covers for DIME showing the trio of the old geezer, young hero, and beautiful girl. In fact I own one of these cover paintings and have it hanging over my bed. It shows all three riding hell for leather while someone is blazing away at them. This is the painting that I bought out of a car trunk in a deserted parking lot at Pulpcon many years ago.

Normal people exchange cash or drugs out of car trunks. Not collectors!

James Reasoner said...

That's a good line, Walker. And so true.