Monday, February 08, 2010

A Couple of Webcomics

A friend of mine drew my attention to these, and I'm glad he did. These webcomics are samples posted as part of a contest run by DC, with the prize being, as I understand it, a contract to continue the story as regular comics. ISLAND, ALONE is leading in the current contest, which ends February 26th. It's a really nice piece of pulpish Victorian adventure, with a zeppelin, a mysterious island, and a beautiful, redheaded jungle girl. What more do you need? You can read it, and vote for it if you're of a mind to, here. ISLAND, ALONE is written by Shawn Aldridge and drawn by Rich Fuchsia.

VIC BOONE was the runner-up in a previous contest, and even though it didn't win, it's a lot of fun, a private eye yarn set in a world of Fifties science-fiction movies. Like ISLAND, ALONE, it's written by Shawn Aldridge. The art is by Jeff Winstead. Even though the voting on that one is closed, you can still read it here. I recommend both stories.

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